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Only Avada Hearing Care Centers let you wear the BluLink™ hearing device at home, work, or play. Put it to your toughest test every day, everywhere you go.

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Success Stories

Finding the right hearing aids is important, but also hard to do. Our process is guided by your decisions and what's best for you. This has led to many success cases with patients, who consistently tell us they are amazed at the difference in their hearing and quality of life. Read what our patients have to say.

Hearing Aids & Hearing Services

Hear rain on the roof, the chirps of birds while you have your morning coffee, or the sermon at church again. This is what you can experience with the hearing services at Avada Hearing Care Centers. Our trained specialists will test your hearing and guide you to the best hearing aids for you. We offer today's most advanced hearing technology by BluLink and HearO.

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About Us

Avada Hearing Care Centers in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is the home of the free 30-day BluLink hearing aid trial. This allows those who are hard of hearing the opportunity to experiment with a high-tech hearing device in their everyday lives before making the investment to buy. We offer this trial at no charge with no obligation and no risk.

In business since 1945, our hearing center also provides a full spectrum of hearing services including tests and counseling for the patient and family members. We are committed to helping you regain your hearing and the lifestyle you deserve.



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